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    developmental editing

    developmental editing is a key part of the editing process. It involves closely evaluating the overall structure, flow, and logic of a written piece. It considers the big picture of a writer’s work and helps them to see it in a more objective perspective. Developmental editing is a critical step as it can help a writer solidify their voice and story, as well as reorganize ideas, smooth out transitions, and flag any inconsistencies before the next step of line editing. This type of editing starts with understanding the writer's needs and goals for their piece. It focuses on the macro structure of the narrative. Developmental edits address questions for writing structure, such as: 

    What is the main purpose of the piece? Where should certain sections begin and end? What information should be featured? How can the narrative be structured more effectively? These types of edits also take into account any feedback the writer has received. Often times developmental edits can also take a look at word choice and tone as they can sometimes be improved. After the big picture edit is complete, the piece moves onto the line edit where it starts to receive a more detailed review. Developmental editing can help you prepare your work for the publishing or presentation process and helps to ensure that your ideas and messages are articulated in a cohesive, engaging way. 


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    At Decorous Publications, we understand that a great piece of writing requires more than just proofreading and editing. That's why we offer our Developmental Editing Service to help you take your writing projects from good to great! Our editors have experience with a variety of different writing styles, so no matter what kind of document you are working on, we can help you fine-tune the structure and organization of your piece, adjust the tone and clarity of the language, strengthen your argument or narrative, and make sure that the content speaks to its intended audience. 

   Our process begins with an initial assessment of your document and a guided discussion of the editing that is best suited to your goals. Your project manager will work closely with you to create a perfectly tailored plan for improvement and provide detailed and helpful feedback as we work our way through your document. We'll also ensure that the final document is free of errors and looks professional. With our Developmental Editing Service, you can rest assured knowing that your project will look and sound its best, from start to finish!

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