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   Decorous Publications provides reliable Book Publishing Services in the industry, having been in existence since 2021, based in Tampa Florida.

   Our staff of experienced book publishing professionals manages multiple aspects of publishing,  from conception to distribution. We offer complete solutions for our clients from planning to delivery, no matter how particular their needs may be. We understand the complexity and importance of publishing, so we strive for perfection for each project.

   Our commitment to customer service ensures that our clients' specifications are met and our quality standards are maintained. We understand publishing is about trust, so we protect our clients' information to maintain their privacy. We are committed to becoming one of the foremost publishers in the industry and staying ahead of the competition. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients.

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    Book publishing is the process of producing and disseminating books, and now other forms of content to the public. It involves a number of complicated steps, such as finding the right publisher and assembling the right team of author, editor, illustrator and cover designer. The publishing industry is an ever-changing landscape that is increasingly growing digital, with more authors taking advantage of digital-first publishing. Here are some key components of book publishing:

1. Editing: Once agreements are in place, the editor serves as the author’s advocate during the publishing process. Editing helps create a cohesive vision for the book and ensures proper editing, layout and design. This can be a rigorous process that takes months to complete.

2. Choosing a publisher: Deciding who will print and distribute your book is one of the most important and challenging decisions in book publishing.

3. Production and printing: This involves a variety of tasks, such as setting up a manuscript, producing images or illustrations, binding, and printing. 

4. Distribution and marketing: It’s the publisher’s job to make sure the book reaches readers. This is typically done by placing the book with wholesalers, launching publicity campaigns, and advertising. The author is also often expected to participate in promotion and marketing of their work.

5. Digital publishing: This new development in book publishing has opened the door for authors to have more control over their work. Digital-publishing platforms, such as Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, give authors more variety over the publishing process and a larger portion of the financial benefits.

    Navigating the world of book publishing can be difficult, but understanding the different steps that go into the process can help authors understand the challenges and responsibilities they will face when publishing a book.

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 A true statistic to remember is this;  81% of Americans want to write a book, 1% actually write a book, 97% never finish their book, and 10% stop by chapter two! Our goal is for you to not only complete your work, but to also present it professionally to the world. Our editors pay very close attention to both detail and problem solving which is embedded into our work ethics, meaning we focus on your project to make certain that your work is completed to satisfaction while also meeting realistic deadlines. 

  Whether your project is related to editing and publishing your very own book / e-book, proofreading a structured essay for a college course or assisting you with your social media platforms. A member of our team will indeed make sure that all of your needs are met to your expectations, with the details of your project remaining our top priority no matter the genre, while using the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) formatting. Editorial reviews are available after your work is completed and published.


The global book publishing industry comprises of books that are categorized into either fiction or non-fiction and print, ebook or audiobook. The market for books is huge with around 1.5 billion people speaking English, with translation services to access the rest. Decorous Publications makes publishing accessible to everyone either with small print, or online publishing platforms. E-reader (E-Book) screen technology continues to improve with increasing contrast and resolution making them more comfortable to read. Each book has a registered ISBN number to identify it. We focus on the top two major platforms of Amazon and Barns & Noble, however other platforms are available depending on the project.

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