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(About Us) 

    was founded and created with the intentions of helping the ordinary everyday person share their stories with the world. As a newly inspired published author myself, I do understand how overwhelming and intimidating this entire process can ultimately be. Patience must become mandatory, and trusting an unknown organization with all of your hard work will almost destroy your nerves entirely. I was 'that' individual who was unable to afford the Harvard graduate editors, not to mention, I was never truly impressed with certain credentials that the big time companies were showing off. Therefore, I had chosen a smaller and “cheaper” company that completely butchered my project with literally over 120 edits. The worst part was, this horrible representation of my hard work was published as such! Understanding that I have a strong connection and comprehension of the English language is when I decided to edit, publish, and begin marketing my own project myself. Shortly thereafter, the website building concept and Search Engine Optimization services became more pronounced, as my creativity and schooling has been implemented within our teams ideas.

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      This has all been a rewarding experience to my family and I, and understanding that anyone can make a difference, no matter how big or small, is when I decided to help people like yourself into developing your skills and getting your words out into the world. We all have a voice, and we all should have a fair chance to speak it through our thoughts and ideas. Not just celebrities, politicians, or career authors. With that, Decorous Publications was born. 

         DECOROUS; (characterized by dignified propriety in conduct, manners, appearance, character, etc) My team within our company may not have the fancy Ivy League degrees, however they are University of South Florida graduates with the passion and desire to assist anyone who has an idea… a passion… a dream… that can, and WILL be explored within your own creative thoughts. I myself, am just like you. Someone who is ready to tap into my uncapped potential. Therefore, are you ready to share your voice? Tell a story that is important to the rest of us? Build a professional website for your business? Or perhaps you just need to complete a smaller project. Nevertheless, we can assist you with any editorial or creative assignment that you may have, so feel free to Contact Us with any questions at any time.

Our Project Managers:


Jennifer Rivera 

is both an editor and publisher, as her high attention to detail is how she maintained a 4.0- G.P.A. at Saint Pete College, as well as the University of South Florida towards her degree. Jennifer's excellence and due diligence into the English language makes her a phenomenal wordsmith, which she can easily adapt towards any project or task that is presented towards her. Jennifer can easily be described as the brains of the operation of our team here at Decorous Publications. Her qualifications easily make her a high level project manager, that also brings Decorum to our team, where satisfaction is guaranteed.  Her specialties include, but are not limited to: College level course work papers, autobiographies, as well as fiction/horror and true crime. She has a background in the Medical field, and also in Early Education.


Marcos Rivera 

is an editor, AUTHOR, web designer, and a focused project manager that is extremely passionate about his work. His first published book thats titled; "A MANS DIRECTION'', is a memoir that was close to him as the true stories relayed are very heartfelt, which also was the inspiration and motivation for him to completely take over his own project by relieving the previous lackluster hired publisher. His next project is a Sci-Fi suspense story that will become a full series...(stay tuned)  His ideas and positive work ethics are key to optimization into his projects that he manages. Details are extremely important pertaining to his craft, due to his obsessive compulsive attitude towards his perfection into whatever task is needed for completion. His main focus in expertise are in both memoirs, and science fiction projects. Decorous is his vision, and satisfaction is guaranteed. Marcos's creativity holds a high level of pride that will surpass others that are only invested for financial gains.


Luz Morales


is one of our most precise project managers with her extreme attention to detail and superior writing skills. Luz graduated from high school with a 4.1- G.P.A. earning college credits during the process, and she later went on to earn her Associates Degree in Crime Scene Technology. Having taken many classes and coursework for writing essays and reports; Luz has plenty of experience to get whatever job done in a timely manner. Luz’s specialty areas are higher level writing, science- fiction, autobiographies, true crime genres, and report writing. With Luz as your editor,  we guarantee that your project will be far superior than your competitors.









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